Aningaaq: Jonas Cuarón's Gravity spin-off

I was teaching film analysis for students at NLA Mediehøgskolen Gimlekollen today, using Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity as an extended worked example. Gravity is an impressive film in so many ways, though it touches on some profound issues without quite saying anything significant about them (you might like to read my posts from when we discussed Gravity in the Keswick Convention Film Club last summer – part one and part two).

The conversation between Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and the Inuit Aningaaq over the radio is, I think, the film's emotional centre of gravity, as it were. We, like Ryan, have no idea what Anningaaq is saying, but Jonas Cuarón made a short film showing the other side of the story. It is called, simply, Aningaaq:

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