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I love helping people learn. I have taught, trained, and preached in a wide range of contexts from church groups through to academic contexts and international conferences over many years. I welcome invitations to speak, especially on contemporary media and the Bible (particularly the Old Testament prophets and wisdom literature). You might like to look at this page which goes into more detail about the range of subjects. I am comfortable engaging with both Christian and secular audiences, and aim to help people learn in a variety of styles: multimedia, interactive workshops, facilitating learning through small groups, mentoring individuals, formal lectures, etc.


I don't charge a fee for speaking (except for educational institutions and commercial organisations). However, I am not paid any salary, so would encourage you to consider making a donation to help cover my costs.

You may like to read this article by John Stackhouse Jr. on payments for speakers.



Tony Watkins helps Christian leaders relate media, culture, and the Bible through his speaking and writing. He is doing doctoral research in the relationship between the biblical prophets and today’s media. He works with several organisations including Damaris Norway and the Lausanne Media Engagement Network (as Network Co-ordinator). He is an adjunct lecturer at NLA University College, Norway.

Tony has written, or co-written, several books including Focus: The Art and Soul of Cinema and Dark Matter: A Thinking Fan’s Guide to Philip Pullman.

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Tony helps Christian leaders relate media and the Bible through his writing and teaching, and is doing doctoral research exploring relationships between Old Testament prophets and today’s media. He is the Media Engagement Network Co-ordinator for the Lausanne Movement.

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