Getting Da Vinci-ed out!

I'm beginning to feel like I've overdosed on Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. Hardly suprising I guess since it's been such a huge bestseller since publication and especially given the amount of over-the-top hype from Sony (which is, frankly, setting people up to be disappointed with the film - all the advertising makes people expect one of the finest cinematic experiences of their lives). I've been researching various aspects of it for a year now - and loads in the last few months while we were waiting for the film.

I've spoken at three Da Vinci Code events so far (click on the 'read more' link below for recordings of two of them) and have another half dozen lined up. I enjoy the events themselves, even though I'm fed up of the book and film. The next one is at Above Bar Church, Southampton tomorrow, Wednesday 31 May. This one will be a double act with David Couchman from Focus who has also done an incredible amount of research. It should be a lot of fun - come along and ask hard questions!

You can read my articles on The Da Vinci Code, incidentally:

Dan Brown's Secrets in which I end up naughtily suggesting (tongue firmly in cheek!) that Dan Brown himself is at the centre of a global conspiracy. As soon as you formulate a far-fetched scheme like it, any counter-arguments to the idea immediately become evidence in its favour. Just like any conspiracy theory – including Dan Brown's.
The Quest for the Sacred Feminine - a much more significant article in which I discuss the Goddess spirituality which Dan Brown is advocating. It's easy to see why it's attractive, but there is a much better alternative!

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