Why We Love Men in Capes

My friend Mark Meynell is a great film fan, an enthusiast for superheroes and an excellent communicator. So I'm excited to see his new venture - an audio documentary about the significance of superheroes. It's 30 minutes long and is at the bargain price of £1.29 on iTunes (see below). I've not yet had time to listen to it - I'll review it as soon as I get chance.


men in capes

Having been dreaming, scheming and working on this little project for months with a couple of friends (the illustrious Tim Plyming and the multi-talented radio producer John Sugar), it is with great excitement that we can now announce the release of this new 30 minute radio-documentary style programme:


Having adapted a talk given in a number of places on the theological significance of superheroes (which has evolved over some years, not least through conversations with fellow-super-believer Nate Morgan-Locke), I was joined in a small studio off Tottenham Court Road by a couple of voice-artist friends (the wonderful Jo Cordle and the simply extraordinary Barry Cooper) to make the programme a couple of months ago. The verbiage was then interspersed with very brief clips from all kinds of movies and tv shows. It was a lot of fun.

The hope is to present worldview provocations in a fresh and intriguing way, aiming for the sort of quality expected of broadcast documentaries.

Men in Capes was therefore a pilot / trial run. Any constructive (!) comments and suggestions hugely appreciated…  We’re hoping then to build momentum to offer several every year (perhaps even monthly). To begin with, we obviously need to cover our not inconsiderable costs from the production; but our main reason for this initial attempt was to learn lessons and gain experience for future projects.

So at last, it is now available on iTunes for £1.29. Hurrah! When you consider that a normal track lasting 5 minutes goes for 79p, I hope that you’d agree that this 30 minute effort is a total bargain! Please help us out by downloading and then letting people know about it.

The programme touches on everything from Batman (esp the Christopher Nolan versions) to Superman (including the Bryan Singer reboot), plus Spiderman, The Bionic Man,and even The Incredibles and Chronicles of Narnia. Here’s the programme’s outline:

Nietzsche and the birth of Superman

  • CS Lewis and the cause of our yearnings
  • The Scary World of the 20th Century
  • Searching for a vocabulary of Evil?

Superheroes Families

  • Superheroes from Below
  • By Chance
  • By Choice
  • Superheroes from Above
  • Echoes of the True Superhero

    • Our True Humanity
    • The Great Hero
    • Christology from Below
    • Christology from Above
  • The Great Rescue

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