CREATION tells of Darwin's war between science and love

Nev Pierce has written a piece about Creation in the LA Times.

. . .

Darwin's continuing relevance is one reason why "Creation" has been selected to open Toronto, which usually kicks off with a home-grown picture. "It's a bit of a tradition for us to open with a Canadian film, yes," said festival co-director Cameron Bailey. "But we haven't always done it. We just thought 'Creation' was a film that spoke to our times. That tension between faith and reason was something we began to see in a number of different films, and it crystallized beautifully here, especially in that debate between a husband and wife who happen to see the world in completely different ways. It's still pressing."

. . .

Good article in LA Times on 'Creation' movie by Nev Pierce, Editor-at-large for Empire magazine (and a friend of mine from some years ago). Read it here.

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