David Mitchell on atheism

This is very interesting from David Mitchell. I have tended to assume that he was an atheist as I've heard him say some very strident things about Christians in the past, but this is a very thoughtful explanation of why he's an agnostic. H/T Neil Powell Related posts: Philip Pullman and his atheist fiction Talking […]

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Reflections on Movie Nazis

Mike Hertenstein, 'Movie Nazis & After the Truth', Filmwell, 28 April 2009 Mike Hertenstein writes a very interesting piece about 'Movie Nazis' over at Filmwell. Primarily it's a piece reflecting on After the Truth, a film written by Americans but finally made by German filmmakers in the late 1990s. But in a long introduction, Hertenstein […]

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Directed by Vicente Amorim, starring Viggo Mortensen and Jason Isaacs (Lionsgate, 2009) This article was first published on Damaris's Culturewatch website, and is used with permission. © Copyright Tony Watkins, 2009 How does an ordinary, decent man become part of one of the world’s greatest evils? This enigma is at the heart of Good, and […]

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