Superhero Films

This is an interview I gave in Norway in August 2013 for Damaris Norway. I am very grateful to Mark Meynell’ for his brilliant insight into the two types of superhero in ‘Why We Love Men in Capes’, which you can find in the iTunes store. I was taking Buy Xanax Online reducing the dose […]

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David Mitchell on atheism

This is very interesting from David Mitchell. I have tended to assume that he was an atheist as I've heard him say some very strident things about Christians in the past, but this is a very thoughtful explanation of why he's an agnostic. H/T Neil Powell Related posts: Philip Pullman and his atheist fiction Talking […]

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How do we make sense of the world?

A little while ago I was filmed for version 2 of Glad You Asked, a DVD-based series of 8 sessions exploring the big questions of life, produced by the excellent Innovista. The first version was excellent, so I was delighted to be involved in version 2. It will be on sale very soon, but samples […]

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