The God Question

This is the trailer for a television series examining science and faith, origins and explanations. It's been put together by Iain Morris of Kharis Productions (he has been working on it for as long as I've known him, which is three years). It features probing interviews with prominent atheists, including Sam Harris, the late Christopher […]

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David Mitchell on atheism

This is very interesting from David Mitchell. I have tended to assume that he was an atheist as I've heard him say some very strident things about Christians in the past, but this is a very thoughtful explanation of why he's an agnostic. H/T Neil Powell Related posts: Philip Pullman and his atheist fiction Talking […]

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Talking About . . . Darwin

As the world marks the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth, his influence on the world is as enormous as ever. Whatever you think of his ideas, there’s no doubt that they have shaped science and profoundly affected many aspects of contemporary culture. Darwin’s meticulous work established the natural sciences as a serious scientific discipline for the first time. If this was Darwin’s only legacy, he would still be a towering figure in the history of science. But for most people, his name is linked only with On the Origin of Species. [...]

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Pollard on Film: Creation and changing your mind

via Nick Pollard explores Charles Darwin's changing belief in God, with clips from the film 'Creation'. Two crucial questions are posed - Why is it that you believe what you do? and What would it take to make you change your mind? Posted via web from Tony Watkins Related posts: Resources for churches and […]

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Spooked: Talking About the Supernatural

Books 3 and 4 in the Talking About series were published in early May this year. I was satisfied with the first two, but very pleased with how these two have ended up. They have a better balance of material in them, for one thing. Here's the blurb and contents list for Spooked: ‘I've never […]

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Truth Wars: Talking About Tolerance

The second book (technically it's number 2, but it was published at the same time as Sex and the Cynics) is on one of the hottest issues in our culture: how do we relate to people with different worldviews and moralities? What does tolerance really mean? Here's the blurb and contents list: ‘Why can't you […]

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