Richard Perry

13th March 1945 – 5th March 2024

Richard with his beloved bus

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Watch the livestream of the funeral service
(live from 1:55 pm on Friday 3rd May)

The thanksgiving and committal for Richard Perry took place on Friday 3rd May 2024. You are able to watch the livestream recording until Saturday 1st June 2024.

The livestream details are as follows:
Go to: and use these details to log in:
Username: geko7592 Password: 552443

Donations in Richard's memory

Donations in Richard’s memory can be made to Operation Mobilisation or Friends of Mandritsara Trust (a hospital in northern Madagascar). If you do make a donation, please do tell the organisations that it is in memory of Richard as he supported them both for many years (along with a number of other charities) and they would be delighted to know.

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