Mini interview on Publishers Weekly

As well as reviewing Dark Matter, Publishers Weekly also conducted a short email interview with me which was published in Religion BookLine. Here's an extract:

. . . rather than a screed against Pullman's books—which portray the Church as a corrupt corporation and God as a sick old man whose place has been taken by an evil usurper—Watkins, a British Christian cultural critic, offers what he hopes will be an aid for Christians and non-Christians in understanding Pullman's criticism of organized religion and faith.

"I primarily wrote it for fans of Pullman's work who are not Christians," Watkins told RBL in an e-mail interview from England. "His Dark Materials is full of theological and philosophical themes, and Pullman is vociferous in his opposition to religion and the idea of God. So I think that fans who want to really understand Pullman's writings should understand a Christian perspective on them. I think that also makes it valuable for Christians who want to know how to respond to it. I don't believe that we should be scared of books which say things we disagree with, but that we should enter into constructive dialogue."

Kimberly Winston, Religion BookLine, 12 April 2006

For the full interview, follow the Read More link below.

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