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It's about time I said something about my current writing project. I am getting towards the end of writing a book about engaging with film at a worldview level. There are a number of books written by Christians which look at connections between films and theology - some of them extremely good. Robert K. Johnstone's Reel Spirituality is one of them (one day I will get around to putting my various bibliographies on this site - but not yet). But there is very little on how to understand, analyse and respond to what films are saying on their own terms.

I don't think we treat a film fairly if all we're doing is looking for parallels with the Christian story, or if we are preoccupied with how films handle explicitly theological issues. Thinking at a worldview level is much broader and requires us to consider what the film is saying about the nature of reality, the nature of human beings, how we know truth, how we know right and wrong, and what humans most need in order to attain fulfilment. All of these have a theological dimension to them, but a worldview approach allows us to think outside of a narrow framework and really hear what is being said. Then we can hopefully respond in richer, fuller, more helpful ways.

The plan is for me to finish writing by the end of July (I'm a long way behind at the moment) and for the book to be published in the spring of 2007. I'll keep you posted!

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