Introducing the Old Testament prophets

Belshazzar's Feast – Rembrandt. Purchased by the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam with support of private benefactors, the Vereniging Rembrandt, the State of the Netherlands and the Stichting tot Bevordering van de Belangen van het Rijksmuseum

At Above Bar Church, Southampton, we've just started our five-week-long 2012 Bible School on Sunday evenings. I'm leading the track on the Old Testament prophets. In the first session, I introduced some important aspects of a framework for thinking about the prophetic literature, and we began to look at the first two chapters of Amos. Over the next four sessions, we will explore some of the historical and biblical context for the prophetic books, and discover some of the techniques which the prophets use to present their material.

You can listen to the first session here:

And here are the slides:

[slideshare id=11584370&doc=abc1-prophetsintro-120215064920-phpapp01]

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