Truth Wars: Talking About Tolerance

Edited by Tony Watkins (Damaris Books, 2005)

‘Why can't you be more tolerant? Surely Jesus isn't the only way to know God.'

Christians increasingly face this challenge in today's fragmented society. Does tolerance mean we have to accept every perspective as equally true? Can we still stand up for the uniqueness of Christ and for Christian morality? Truth Wars: Talking About Tolerance is an accessible and exciting introduction to thinking about these issues.

Book contents

Introduction to the Talking About series
by Tony Watkins

by Nick Pollard

1. Ministry of Dissent - click here to read this sample chapter
by Nick Pollard

2. All Inclusive – a biblical perspective on tolerance
by Tony Watkins

3. Testing Tolerance - Jerry Springer: The Opera and Behzti
by Tony Watkins

4. Lip Service - Saved!
by Louise Crook

5. Saved! – study guide
by Louise Crook

6. Hero – study guide
by Louise Griffiths

7. Not the End of the World (Geraldine McCaughrean) – study guide
by Tony Watkins

8. Doctor Who – study guide
by Tony Watkins

9. Definitely Maybe – the philosophy of David Hume
by Peter S. Williams

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