Sex and the Cynics: Talking About the Search for Love

Edited by Tony Watkins (Damaris Books, 2005)

Love: one of the deepest longings of the human heart, yet increasingly viewed with cynicism. Many people have been hurt too often to believe in love any more, or they just think that it can never last – and they settle for sex as an end in itself. How can Christians say that we were made for love – and that God loves us – in a context like this? Sex and the Cynics: Talking About the Search for Love is an accessible and exciting introduction to thinking about these issues.

Book contents

Introduction to the Talking About series by Tony Watkins

Introduction by Nick Pollard

1. Happily Never After? - click here to read this sample chapter
by Nick Pollard

2. Up Close and Personal – a biblical perspective on love
by Steve Tilley

3. You Complete Me - love in the movies
by Caroline Puntis

4. Desperately Seeking Something - Desperate Housewives
by Annie Porthouse

5. Love Actually – study guide
by Steve Couch

6. Closer – study guide
by Louise Crook

7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – study guide
by Caroline Puntis

8. The History of Love (Nicole Krauss) – study guide
by Tony Watkins

9. Out of Control – the philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer
by Peter S. Williams

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