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MP3 files of some of Tony's speaking engagements. They will only be available here for a limited time and will then be removed to mkae way for new material. Recordings of my preaching at Above Bar Church are also available from the ABC website. To save the file, right click on the link and choose 'Save Target As' (Internet Explorer) or 'Save Link As' (Firefox).

Nehemiah 5 (21 May 2006)

Part of a series on Nehemiah at Above Bar Church, Southampton (10.1 Mb)


The Da Vinci Code (28 May 2006)

At All Saints Church, Whiteparish.

Includes material on spirituality in The Da Vinci Code - in particular the quest for the sacred feminine and goddess spirituality. You can read my article on this on CultureWatch .

Part 1 (4.9 Mb) | 2 (5.5 Mb) | 3 (4.8 Mb) | 4 (5.6 Mb)


The Da Vinci Code: Faith, Fact or Fiction? (31 May 2006)

Evening event at Above Bar Church, Southampton with David Couchman of Focus.

I talked about the appeal of The Da Vinci Code , its opposition to orthodox historical Christianity, the sacred feminine and goddess spirituality. David addressed three key claims in the book: that the Gnostic gospels discovered at Nag Hammadi are earlier than the biblical gospels and give us a more historically truthful account of Jesus, that the council of Nicea in AD 325 voted to treat Jesus as divine although he had only been considered mortal until that point, and that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.

Note: this recording has a number of odd creaking noises coming from the lectern!
Tony 1 (3.9 Mb) | Tony 2 (3.1 Mb) | Tony 3 (3.3 Mb) | Tony 4 (1.3 Mb)
David 1 (3.2 Mb) | David 2 (1.7 Mb) | David 3 (3.4 Mb)
Questions 1 (4.0 Mb) | Questions 2 (3.7 Mb)


The Da Vinci Code

Men's breakfast, King's Community Church, Hedge End.

I talked about The Da Vinci Code and conspiracy theories. I highlighted a number of features of conspiracy theories and suggested that, despite Dan Brown's protests, The Da Vinci Code strongly fits the criteria. I compared the lack of evidence for the ideas which Brown claims he believes with the strong evidence for the historically orthodox understanding of Christianity and the gospels.

Part 1 (3.1 Mb) | 2 (3.4 Mb) | 3 (2.6 Mb) | 4 (2.9 Mb) | 5 (2.7 Mb)


Agape SBSS Q+A session

Posted by request, and of little interest to anyone else!