NB this page is in desperate need of updating! Don't put too much faith in it!

These are my bookmarks (much easier when you keep switching browsers!). You may find something useful here. (exported Opera bookmarks here)



Bible Study

Anthony's Egyptology & Archaeology

Bible Study Tools on GOSHEN

The Biblical Studies Foundation



BookEnds Magazine

The Book [email protected] - Home Page

Book reviews online

The Internet Bookshop Europe's Largest Online Bookshop

Pure Fiction


Christian Organisations



Above Bar Church Southampton



The Access Web - Welcome

Bugnet: software bug alerts

Cool fonts

(This is for the European mirror site. Click here for the Redmond site)

Microsoft Security Advisor Program

The Mining Co.

The Naked PC site
(No, it's not one of those sites! It's about the nitty gritty of PCs)

PC Computing Home Page

PC Pro magazine

Symantec support


Virus myths
(If you get email messages warning you about  viruses, check here first before telling me about them!)

Woody's Office Watch Site





Fun stuff

Acronym finder

The Bubblesphere

BBC Online - Radio 4 - Home Truths


Local Information

Southampton City Council

Hampshire County Council


News and Media

BBC Online

ITN Online

The Times

Sunday Times



Richard Dawkins Supersite

Bob Carling

Visible Human Slice Server
(Definitely not for the sqeamish!)


Search engines

Mamma Mother of All Search Engines


Rail timetables


Website design and creation

MediaBuilder GifOptimizer

Poor Richard's Web Site News -- Free Newsletter

Site Builder Network Home


Webhaus web designers
(I just like their design)