Watkins Family History

I'm not into genealogy in a big way - I just don't have the time sadly - but I thought it might be interesting to fill up some of my web space with this. Having come across other genealogy sites around the world it occurred to me that if I put up what I know of my family history someone will eventually find a connection.

My father's family come from Herefordshire and other Welsh Border counties. Much of what I know has come from Derek Jones in Bristol and I'm very grateful for what he's been able to send me. I started communicating with him as a result of visiting the Watkins Family History Website in Australia. It turns out he's the husband of my father's cousin! If you want to get in touch with him I'll gladly pass your email address on.

Watkins family tree

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Powys Digital History Project

My mother's family - the Crokers), meanwhile, come from Somerset. I'm in the early stages of putting information about them together.

Croker family tree

Hamblin family tree

My wife's maternal grandfather's family - the Gravenstedes - originally came from Lübeck. It seems that some of them had been mercenaries in the Thirty Years War.

Gravenstede family tree

McAlister family tree

Other key surnames in our history I do know of are Gould and Sheen. The oldest ancester I know of is a Phillips. Other surnames in our families that I would like to find links for are Stenner, Cossey and Swanson.