This is a brief list of some of the subjects in the area of the media on which Tony Watkins can speak or write. There are some suggestions of possible titles or more specific aspects of the subject for talks/events. This is far from being an exhaustive list. If you would like Tony to speak on something that is not listed here, please contact him. For other subject areas, see the main Speaking page.


  • The Media and the Meaning of Life
  • Media Awareness: A Forgotten Dimension in Mission (you can watch me speaking on this subject at the European Leadership Forum in 2012)
  • Popular Culture as a Global Missiological Challenge (see my slides from a seminar on this subject at the third Lausanne Congress in Cape Town in 2010)
  • Men and Media
  • Listening to the World: What the Media Tell Us About Life, the Universe and Everything
  • Worldviews and Cultural Apologetics (see these slides for an idea of what I covered in a whole-day workshop on this)
  • Christian Perspectives on the Media
  • Discipleship in a Media World
  • What have the media ever done for us?
  • Like This: Responding to Social Media
  • Techno-Torrent: Living in a Social Media Stream/Life in a Fast-Changing World
  • Media and Crime
  • Culture Currents: The Changing Media World
  • Alien Nation: Connection and Disconnection in an Online World
  • The Medium is the Message – But What Does it Mean?
  • Digital Outreach


  • Focus on Film Workshops [more details]
  • How to Watch a Film: learning to recognise worldviews in films
  • Framing Questions: exploring ways in which film-making techniques communicate worldviews
  • Worldviews, Film Analysis and the Gospe (see my slides from a seminar on this subject at the third Lausanne Congress in Cape Town in 2010)
  • Why we need to think seriously about films
  • How films reveal the longings of the human heart
  • Watching Films with Head and Heart
  • Movies and the Meaning of Life
  • Engaging With Film as Art
  • How to Read a Film – Symbols, Signs and Significance
  • Films from the Perilous Realm: Why We Keep Going Back to Fairy Tales on the Big Screen
  • Sex and the Cynics: changing ideas of love in film romances
  • Once Upon a Time in the Western: changing representations of the Old West
  • Five Great Ideas for Sharing Movies with Young People
  • A Christian Perspective on Films
  • Films and Faith
  • What Films Do to Us
  • Film Analysis for Christian Communicators
  • Leading film discussion groups
  • see for a list of films we've covered


  • Dark Matter: Considering the Work of Philip Pullman
  • Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling
  • A Christian Perspective on Contemporary Fiction
  • Douglas Coupland
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • Internal Affairs: Considering the Work of Ian McEwan
  • see for a list of books we've covered


  • How to Watch Television
  • Living Outside the Box: A Christian Perspective on TV
  • TV Living
  • Doctor Who
  • Stephen Poliakoff
  • see for a list of television programmes we've covered

See also subjects listed under culture and worldviews

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