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First a list of those family members who constitute my direct line (highlighted in the main tree). To help you navigate (well, to help me really!) I've linked to each of them from the brief list and have sprinkled links back to the top throughout the page. I've added a few map links in appropriate places and am beginning the process of including photographs in this section of my website. Click on the camera icon.

If you know of anything that links in with this or of any errors, please let me know! I've discovered that genealogy is best when it's a corporate exercise and people freely share their family history information.

Elizabeth Phillips (?-1731) m. John Thomas (?-1729)

Margaret Thomas (?-1769) m. James Gould (?-1769)

Mary Gould (1750-1823) m. Thomas Sheen (1745-1822)

Thomas Sheen (1775-1842) m. Ann Meredith (1789-1856)

Mary Anne Sheen (1824-1886) m. Dantsey Sheen Watkins (1820-1896)

William Gould Watkins (1859-1944) m. Elizabeth Jane Watkins (1868-1932)

Thomas Danzey Watkins (1899-1977) m. Alma Gertrude Cossey (1902-1998)

John Peniel Watkins (1927-2001) Dad m. Monica Jean Croker (1929- )

Tony Watkins (1964- ) m. Jane Elizabeth Swanson (1970- ) (interestingly, the great-great-granddaughter of Thomas and Ann Sheen married a Swanson in the USA)

Charlie Watkins (1997- )

I've also linked to Derek and Myra Jones because Derek has given me most of the information and might like to find himself!

Elizabeth Phillips born before 1700; died 1731
Married in 1716 to
John Thomas
died 1729
I. Margaret Thomas died 1769, Llanfihangel Nant Melan (the spelling on the information that came to me was Llanfihangel Nant Mel but I am convinced that this is either a slip or a variant on the village name. Llanfihangel Nant Melan is very close to Cregrina which features prominently in this list and I can't find a separate Llanfihangel Nant Mel)
married to
James Gould
occupation: Yeoman Farmer; died 1769, Llanfihangel Nant Melan
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[ Click here for a map of the general area or here for a more detailed map and here for an aerial photograph - you can hover over this photograph to see the map overlaid]
A. Anne Gould born 4 January 1743, Llanfihangel Nant Melan
married on 13 November 1769 in Llanfihangel Nant Melan to
Richard Williams
  b. Margaret Gould born 26 September 1745, Llanfihangel Nant Melan
married 11 May 1769 in Llanfihangel Nant Melan to
Richard Green
  C. James Gould born 4 October 1747, Llanfihangel Nant Melan.
  D. Mary Gould born 24 December 1750, Llanfihangel Nant Melan died 5 November 1823, Cregrina [map aerial photo]
married 5 February 1774 in Llanfihangel Nant Melan to
Thomas Sheen
born 16 March 1745, Bettws Disserth, son of Thomas Sheen and Gwen ? died 14 August 1822, Cregrina
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  1. Septimus Sheen
    2. James Sheen born 20 December 1776, Cregrina
    3. Mary Sheen
    4. Thomas Sheen born 29 May 1775, Cregrina, Radnorshire; died 23 March 1842, Cregrina; buried 26 March 1842, St David's Church, Cregrina
married 23 June 1810, in Cregrina to
Ann Meredith (his cousin) born 23 March 1789, Llanbadarn Fawr [map - is this really the place, near Aberystwyth?], daughter of Edward Meredith and Sarah Gould; died 14 June 1856, Cregrina; buried 18 June 1856, St David's Church, Cregrina
In the 1841 census, they are listed as living in a property called Penar, Cregrina (it is called Penarth in the 1851 census) with their children Thomas, James, Ann, Mary and Susannah. Of the ten children listed here, four had died (curiously there are two daughters listed here called Mary Ann(e) and two called Ann). There is no mention of Sarah in the 1841 census but it's interesting that there is a Sarah of the right age as the wife of Edward Ball of Vron, Cregrina. Is this purely coincidental or had she got married? There are also two servant listed: Marrion (?) Williams, aged 40, and John Lloyd, aged 15.
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    a. Mary Ann Sheen born 25 September 1811, Cregrina; buried 20 April 1823
      b. Ann Sheen born 26 April 1812; christened 29 April 1812, St David's Church, Cregrina, Radnorshire; buried 8 October 1817, St David's Church, Cregrina
      c. Thomas Sheen christened? 4 October 1815, St David's Church, Cregrina, Radnorshire; died 24 July 1889; buried St David's Church, Cregrina
      d. Sarah Sheen christened? 8 November 1816, St David's Church, Cregrina, Radnorshire
      e. James Sheen born 1818, Cregrina; christened? 22 May 1818, St David's Church, Cregrina; died 1897, Paris Corners, Wisconsin, USA
married on 26 September 1846 in Glascwm to
Ann Watkins born 13 February 1824 in Glascwm [general map detailed map aerial photo], Radnorshire, daughter of John Watkins and Elizabeth Sheen; died 14 December 1903, Paris, Wisconsin; buried Paris Community Cemetery
James was a tenant farmer of 120 acres at Penarth in Cregrina. In the 1851 census, James is listed as the head of the house. Where had Thomas, his elder brother gone? James and Ann had two children at that stage: Dantsey and John (Watkins). There are also four staff listed: William Thomas, aged 20, waggoner from Cregrina; William Lloyd, aged 15, farm servant from Cregrina; Naomi Thomas, aged 18, dairy maid from Bettws (Betws Disserth?); Jane Jones, aged 14, nurse from Glascwm.
In the 1861 census, there are six children listed plus three staff: John Probert, aged 29, agricultural labourer from St Harmon; John Dakins, aged 23, carter from St Harmon; Ann Johns, aged 17, house servant from Llanfihangel Nant Melan(?).
James and Ann emigrated to Wisconsin in 1880 but they do not appear in Cregrina in the 1871 census. Where had they gone?
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      (1) Dantsey Watkins Sheen christened? 23 January 1847, St David's Church, Cregrina, Radnorshire; died 21 July 1931, Sherwood Drive, Beloit, Wisconsin; buried East Lawn Cemetery
married (1) 1885, in Stockton, California to Lucy Annie Powell
married (2) on 31 January 1898, in Newton, Iowa, to Mary Kling
        (2) John Meredith Sheen born 21 June 1848 in Cregrina; died 12 July 1848
        (3) John Watkins/William Sheen born 23 February 1850, Cregrina; died 6 June 1914 in Salem, Wisconsin
married on 22 February 1882 in Salem, Wisconsin, to
Anna Lucina Curtiss
In the information that came to me, John is listed as John Watkins Sheen but in the 1861 census he is listed as John Williams Sheen.
        (4) Mary Anne Sheen born 14 May 1853, Cregrina; died 1871 in Paris Corners, Wisconsin.
Mary emigrated to Wisconsin in 1870
        (5) Elizabeth Ann Sheen born 18 November 1855, Cregrina; died 21 January 1925 Chicago, Illinois
Elizabeth emigrated to Wisconsin in 1870
        (6) Margaret Ann Sheen born 29 January 1858, Cregrina; died 23 February 1916, Bristol, Wisconsin
married on 20 March 1879 to William Coburn Bacon
Margaret emigrated to Wisconsin in 1870
        (7) William Gould Sheen born 28 January 1860, Cregrina; died 22 June 1923, Paris Corners, Wisconsin
married Jane Thornley Dixon
William is listed in the 1861 census as William J Sheen, aged two months. But this would make the census date as March or early April 1860. Is William J another son? In which case, why is William Gould not listed? William emigrated to Wisconsin in 1870
      f. William Sheen christened? 18 November 1819, St David's Church, Cregrina, Radnorshire; buried 21 August 1838, St David's Church, Cregrina
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      g. Ann Sheen christened? 22 July 1822, St David's Church, Cregrina, Radnorshire
      h. Mary Anne Sheen born 21 July 1824, Cregrina, Radnorshire; died 15 November 1886; buried St David's Church, Cregrina
married 30 September 1848 in St David's Church, Cregrina, Radnorshire, to
Danzy (or Dantsey) Sheen Watkins, born 1820, Glascwm, (son of John Watkins and Elizabeth Sheen); died 31 March 1896; buried St David's Church, Cregrina
Danzy was a farmer. He first farmed at Gwaralt (Gwar-allt) [map aerial photo], near Cregrina, then moved to Brynmillon or Blaenmillon Farm, Aberedw [I can find a Blaenmilo farm about 2 km north of Aberedw - general map detailed map aerial photo] (sometime between 1852 when their son, John, was born at Gwaralt, and 1865 when their seventh child, Thomas, was born at Aberedw). He did well - until he he lost most of his money in a lawsuit. The family then had to leave and went to Glanedw (Glanedw Farm [map close-up aerial photo] near Cregrina, I presume since I can't find a village with that name). This was presumably after 1872 when the eldest daughter, Elizabeth was married in Aberedw Church.
A typed family record says Mary died suddenly whilst out milking one morning. The joint headstone in St David's churchyard, Cregrina, gives her date of death as 18 November 1888 and her age as 63
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      (1) Elizabeth Ann Watkins born 30 August 1849; died 1875
married on 17 February 1872, in Aberedw Church, Radnorshire, to
Samuel Sheen, occupation: farmer
        (a) Mary Ann Sheen born 1875, Glanedw Farm (see comment above), Radnorshire
        (2) James Sheen Watkins born 2 November 1851
        (3) John Thomas Watkins born 16 June 1852, Gwar-allt, Radnorshire; died 7 November 1927; buried Woolhope Parish Church
        (4) Dantsey Sheen Watkins born 25 August 1857
        (5) William Gould Watkins born 22 May 1859; occupation: farmer; died 17 April 1944, buried Cregrina Churchyard
married on 6 March 1889 to
Elizabeth Jane Watkins, born 7 November 1868, (daughter of Thomas Watkins and Levia Prothero); died 4 March 1932; buried Cregrina Churchyard
William and Elizabeth farmed at Park Farm, Woolhope, Hereford [general map detailed map aerial photo close-up aerial photo]
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          (a) Elizabeth (Bessie) Mary Watkins born 22 January 1890; died 20 January 1950
married on 25 October 1920 to
Cecil Maurice James Ilsley1 born 1888, son of James Samuel Ilsley and Georgina ??, occupation: Company Secetary
Cecil and Bessie lived at Harston in Cambridgeshire [map]where they ran the village post office. My father, John Watkins, lived with them from the age of about 11 to 16. he told me that Uncle Cecil used to drive an old Daimler but fell in love with a new Ford V8 in the late 1930s or early 1940s so sold it to a local taxi firm. The Ford wouldn't quite fit down the drive so he had a builder take a notch out of the side of the house to get the thing in. He then decided it was awful and tried to get the Daimler back but the taxi man wouldn't sell it.
          [1] William Cecil Ilsley born 20 Sep 1921; died 26 Feb 2002, Meldreth, Royston, Hertforshire
married Christine Buckerfield, died 2001
William and Christine owned The Homestead (later renamed to May Croft Residential Care I believe) in Meldreth
            A. Cecil William Ilsley, living
              B. Elizabeth Ilsley, living
              C. Margaret Ilsley, living
married Timothy Straker
                1. Amy Straker
          (b) Annie Levia Watkins born 12 December 1892 in The Bryn Farm, Locdock??, Herefordshire; died 13 February 1980
married on 5 June 1917 to
Danzey (or Danzy) John Watkins
(son of Thomas Sheen Watkins and Eliza Jane James; Annie's first cousin)
            [1] Dorothy Ann Watkins born 7 April 1918; married Alfred John Stevens (born. 6 Mar 1906)
              A. Rosalie Ann Stephens, born 1941 married Peter Lee Evans (born 1946)
                1. Juliet Rose Evans, 1979
                2. Emma Jane Evans, 1981
              b. Wilfred John Stephens, born 1944 married Jill Needham, (born 1946)
                1. Daniel Gould Stephens, born 1974
                2. Benjamin James Stephens, born 1979
            [2] Harold John Watkins born 21 December 1919; married Irene (Renee) Eleanor Hughes (born 27 Mar 1926)
            A. Joyce Watkins married Barry Wilson
                1. ?? Wilson born 1983
              b. Dorothy May Watkins born 1 Feb 1949 married Peter Davies
                1. ?? Davies born 1975
              b. Dilys Watkins born 1951 married Glynn Williams
                1. Lesley Williams born 1969
                2. Michael Williams born 1971
                3. Linette Williams born 1973 married Cliff Jones
                  a. ?? Jones born 1998
              C. Philip Watkins born 1953 married Rosemary Evans
                1. Adrian Watkins born 1981
                2. Guy Watkins born 1983
              D. David Robert Watkins born 1963
            [3] Wilfred Thomas Watkins born 2 September 1921; married on 26 April 1943 Elizabeth Jane Davies (born 22 Jun 1924)
              b. Ann Elizabeth Watkins born 1947 married Peter E. Bernard (born 1948)
                1. Margaret Bernard born 1977
                2. Robert Bernard born 1980
              A. Edward Wildred Watkins born 1950
          (c) Frank Watkins born 11 February 1894 d. 12 February 1894
          (d) Margaret Sheen Watkins born 24 August 1896 d. 25 February 1897
          (e) Thomas Danzey Watkins born 4 February 1899; died 4 August 1977; buried in Bournemouth North(?) Cemetery
married to
Alma Gertrude Cossey born 15 February 1902; died 28 March 1998; buried in Bournemouth North(?) Cemetery [To next sibling]
            [1] John Peniel Watkins born 5 Nov 1927; died 11 Oct 2001, Exmouth Community Hospital (just two weeks after his brother, Albany); cremated in Exeter Crematorium; occupation: Congregational minister
married on 9 Jan 1954 in Bridgewater to
Monica Jean Croker born 9 April 1929, daughter of Frederick John Croker and Lily Grace Stenner
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              A. Carolyn Dawn Watkins born 1956 m. 1975 Cecil John Thomson born 1953 divorced 1991
              1. Ben Thomson born 1983
                2. Hannah Thomson
              b. Anthony Richard Simon Watkins born 1964
married on 1993 in Above Bar Church, Southampton, to
Jane Elizabeth Swanson born 1970, daughter of Norman Swanson and Marion Elizabeth Gravenstede
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                1. Charles Anthony Watkins born 1997
                2. Oliver James Watkins born 2000
                3. Philip John Watkins born 2003
            [2] Benjamin Danzey Sheen Watkins born 14 November 1928; died ??
married Norma Hooper
              A. Thomas Watkins
            [3] Dorothy Ruth Watkins born 2 November 1930
married Godfrey Victor Stickland
              A. Barbara Joy Stickland born 26 April 1957 died 25 May 1973
              b. Trevor Gould Stickland born 1959 married Jennifer Greed
                1. Peter Stickland born 1987
                2. Katie Stickland born 1989
            [4] Albany Rankin Watkins 10 June 1933 Chedworth, Gloucestershire; died 27 September 2001 in Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford; buried in Send cemetary, Surrey [Return to top]
          (f) Dora Emily Watkins born 16 January 1900 m. [Arthur Norman To previous sibling]
          (g) Elsie Mabel Watkins born 5 September 1901 d. 22 December 1901
          (h) David Benjamin Watkins born 18 November 1906, occupation: farmer; died 1 December 1978; buried Woolhope Church
married on 2 September 1931, in Ross-on-Wye Congregational Church, to
Mary Myfanwy Samuel, born 23 July 1908, daughter of David Samuel and Margaret Jane Jones; died January 2003
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            [1] David Gould Watkins, occupation Farmer, died 11 March 2004; m. Jean Prosser
              A. Brian Watkins
              b. Keith Watkins
              C. Philip Watkins
              D. Graham Watkins
            [2] Ivor Sydney Watkins occupation Farmer, m. Margaret Brewer
              A. John Watkins born 1961, Linton, Herefordshire, occupation Farmer, m. 1989, in Newent, Herefordshire, Joanna Keene, born 1964, Stroud Maternity Hospital
                1. Thomas Matthew Watkins born 1992, Gloucester Maternity Hospital
                2. Megan Emma Watkins born 1994, Gloucester Maternity Hospital
              b. Elizabeth Watkins m. Philip Holbrook, occupation Farmer
                1. Robert Andrew Holbrook
                2. Charlotte Holbrook
              C. Linda Watkins born 1966, m. 1992, in Lynton Parish Church, Richard Dorman, born 1965, occupation Businessman
                1. Andrew David Dorman born 1994, Gloucester Hospital
                2. Debbie Dorman. [Return to top]
            [3] Cecil William Watkins occupation Vet, m. Kathleen Williams. Later to Rookwood, Wormelow
              A. Richard Watkins occupation Research Biochemist, m. Pandora ?, occupation Teacher
              b. Stephen Watkins
            [4] Elwyn Llewellyn Watkins occupation Farmer, m. Rita Layton
              A. Julie Watkins m. Peter Castella, born 1952, occupation Chef
                1. Daniel Castella born 1996, Hereford Hospital
              b. Ian Watkins m. Linda Hardwick, born 1969
                2. Samuel Watkins born 1996, Hereford Hospital
              C. Nigel Watkins m. Kerry Elek, born 1971, Canada
                1. Joshua Watkins born 1992, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
                2. Ashley Watkins born 1994, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
              D. Dana Marie Watkins born 1974, Hereford. [Return to top]
            [5] Megan Myfanwy Watkins born 1941, Park Farm, Mordiford, m. 1964, in Ross-on-Wye Congregational Church, Eric Powell, born 1934, Sunny Bank, Longtown, Herefordshire, (son of John Powell and Sarah Morgan) occupation Farmer
              A. Mary Powell born 1965, Park Farm, Mordiford, m. 1988, in Ross-on-Wye URC, Ian Mitchell, born 1963, occupation Farm Manager
              b. Gwynneth Powell born 1967, Park Farm, Mordiford
              C. Suzanne Powell born 1971, New House Farm. Glewstone, Herefordshire
            [6] Myra Elizabeth Watkins born 1949, Park Farm, Mordiford, occupation Gardener, m. 1974, in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, Derek Stewart Jones, born 1946, South Norwood S.E.25, 1946, Enmore Road Congregational Church, (son of Eric Thomas Jones and Vera May Colyer) occupation Computer Consultant
              A. David Christopher Jones born 1976, Bristol
              b. Bethany Anne Jones born 1978, Bristol
              C. Heather Naomi Jones born 1981, Bristol. [Return to top]
        (6) James Sheen Watkins born 30 June 1862. [To previous sibling]
        (7) Thomas Sheen Watkins born 30 March 1865, Brynmillon or Blaenmillon Farm, Aberedw, m. Eliza Jane James, born 1868, Penarth, Cregrina, d. 21 May 1937, Caenantmelyn, Hay-on-Wye. Thomas died 25 January 1942, Caenantmelyn, Hay-on-Wye. [To next sibling]
          (a) Mary Eva Watkins born 8 March 1888, Glanedw Farm, Cregrina (I assume, though my information gives it as Glanedw, Glascwm); died 1974(?), Tanzania
          (b) Margaret Gould Watkins born 5 February 1889, Glanedw Farm (see comment above), d. 20 February 1947
          (c) Danzey John Watkins born 12 March 1890, Glanedw Farm (see comment above); died May 1955
married on 5 June 1917 to
Annie Levia Watkins (daughter of William Gould Watkins and Elizabeth Jane Watkins; Danzey's first cousin) born 12 December 1893; died. Feb 1980 (children listed above)
          (d) Harold Thomas Watkins born 29 April 1891, Glanedw Farm (see comment above), d. ?1960
          (e) Ella Bertha Watkins born 1 February 1892, Glanedw Farm (see comment above), d. 12 March 1970
          (f) Cyril James Watkins born 19 February 1895, Glanedw Farm (see comment above), m. 7 October 1936, in Nakura, Rift Valley, Kenya, Emilia Alice Thomson, born 9 July 1914, Saugor, India. Cyril died 19 December 1969, Collie, Western Australia
          (g) Tom Aubrey Watkins born 4 August 1896, Glanedw Farm (see comment above), d. 11 March 1963, Caenantmelyn, Hay-on-Wye. [Return to top]
          (h) David Robert Watkins born 26 February 1898, Glanedw Farm (see comment above), m. 27 June 1942, Margaret (Maggie) Lloyd. David died 17 May 1992, Caenantmelyn, Hay-on-Wye
          (i) Leonard Watkins born 8 August 1900, Glanedw, Glascwm, m. 6 June 1928, Evelyn Worthing. Leonard died 21 January 1974
          (j) Lena Elizabeth Watkins born 8 August 1901, Glanedw, Glascwm; m. 1939, Frederick Morris. Lena died Dec 1977
          (k) Richard Hugh (Dick) Watkins born 8 March 1903, Glanedw Farm (see comment above). Moved to Ontario Canada, 1927 and later to Alberta. m. 2 March 1934, Jessie Mabel Cheshire (daughter of Sydney and Mary (Morris) Cheshire; born 11 Oct 1913 in Crosskeys, Newport; emigrated to Canada from Wales on 19 March 1926; died 19 Feb 2000 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada); d. 22 January 19792
            [1] Sherlie Watkins
            [2] Kenneth Richard (Ken) Watkins born 1937, Lacombe, Alberta, Canada; married 1959 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Nancy Phillips (born 1937 in New Zealand Houses, Rhymney, Bedwellty, Monmouth)
            [3] Morris Watkins
            [4] Gordon Watkins
            [5] Lawrence Watkins
          (l) Francis Percy Watkins born 24 February 1904, Glanedw Farm (see comment above)
          (m) Dora Watkins born 4 June 1906, Glanedw Farm (see comment above), d. Aug 1985, Monmouth Hospital, Monmouth
          (n) Amy Elizabeth Watkins born Glanedw Farm (see comment above)
          (o) Ethel Ammelia Watkins born 11 July 1911, Glanedw Farm (see comment above), d. Jun 1962
        (8) David Watkins born 8 October 1870. [To previous sibling]
        (9) Ann Watkins born 1873. [Return to top]
      i. Edward Sheen born 1 August 1826, 19 August 1826, Cregrina Church, Radnorshire., buried 11 January 1827, Cregrina Church, Radnorshire [To previous sibling]
      j. Susannah Sheen 14 July 1828, Cregrina Church, Radnorshire
    5. William Sheen. [To previous sibling]
    6. John Sheen born 1794, 19 September 1794, Cregrina
    7. Naomi Sheen born 1797, 3 September 1797, Cregrina, m. 14 June 1823, in Cregrina Church, Radnor, Rees Rogers
    8. Elizabeth Sheen 1 April 1781, Cregrina Church, Radnorshire
  E. Sarah Gould born 5 November 1752, Llanfihangel Nant Melan; buried 23 September 1780?? - this can't be right since her daughter Susannah was born 14 years later. Any info on this gratefully received!
married 15 May 1775 in Llanfihangel Nant Melan to
Edward Meredith
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    1. Ann Meredith born 23 March 1789, Llanbadarn Fawr; died 14 June 1856, Cregrina, Radnorshire; buried 18 June 1856, Cregrina Church
married 23 June 1810 in Cregrina to
Thomas Sheen (her first cousin) born 29 May 1775, Cregrina, son of Thomas Sheen and Mary Gould; died 23 March 1842, Cregrina; buried 26 March 1842, Cregrina Church
(see children above) [Return to top]
    2. Mary Meredith m. John Parry
      a. Edward Parry
    3. Esther Meredith born 6.3.1791, LLanbadanfawr
    4. Susannah Meredith born 9.3.1794, LLanbadanfawr
  F. Elizabeth Gould born 1755. [To previous sibling]
  G. Ruth Gould born 1757, 21 September 1757, Llanfihangel Nant Melan
  H. James Gould 1 April 1759, Llanfihangel Nant Melan
  I. Thomas Gould 17 March 1761, Llanfihangel Nant Melan, buried 31 July 1761, Llanfihangel Nant Melan
  J. William Gould 17 March 1761, Llanfihangel Nant Melan, buried 19 April 1761, Llanfihangel Nant Melan
  K Esther Gould. Mentioned in her father's will. Possibly the 'Hetty Gould' who witnessed her sister Ann's marriage
II. John Thomas born 1718. [Previous sibling]
III. Thomas Thomas born 1721[Return to top]

1. I'm very grateful to Mike Lucas of Philadelphia for more information on the Ilsleys. James Samuel Ilsley, Cecil Maurice James Ilsley's father, was the postmaster of Hereford until 1908 when he retired. He died shortly afterward and the family moved to Harston, Cambridgeshire from where his widow, Georgina, had come originally. [back]

2. Sydney Cheshire was born on the Cheshire Estate in Wales. Dick and Jessie Watkins farmed east of Lacombe, Alberta were they had the first three children. Times in the late thirties were bad and they lost the farm. After losing the farm they moved about 60 miles north and Dick worked in a coal mine that was owned by Sydney Cheshire. In 1943 the family moved to Camrose Alberta. Because Dick was a miner they would not let him into the military. He worked in a mine for a short period of time. He became a foreman grass seed cleaning plant and remained there until he retired. (This is the seed cleaning plant that supplied most of Europe with grass seed after WWII). He died on 22 January 1979 of heart failure. He had suffered with a bad heart for a number of years and went quietly at breakfast time on the 22 of January. [back]