Gravenstede Family Tree

First a list of those family members who constitute Jane's direct line (highlighted in yellow in the main tree). To help you navigate (well, to help me really!) I've linked to each of them from the brief list and have sprinkled links back to the top throughout the page. If you know of anything that links in with this tree or of any errors, please let me know! I've discovered that genealogy is best when it's a corporate exercise and people freely share their family history information.

Johann Daniel August Gravenstede

Johannis Daniel Gravenstede m. Emma Theresa

James Gravenstede m. Emma McAlister

Robert Gravenstede m. Annie Lena Butler (1916-2001)

Marion Elizabeth Gravenstede (1940-) m. Norman John Swanson

Jane Elizabeth Swanson (1970- ) m. Anthony Richard Watkins (1964- )

Charlie & Oliver Watkins (1997- )

Johann Daniel August Gravenstede
1 Johannis Daniel Gravenstede married Emma Theresa ??. [Next sibling] [Return to top]
I Annie Gravenstede
  II Charles Henry Gravenstede
  A Maurice Gravenstede
    1 Richard Gravenstede
      2 Andrew Gravenstede
    B Carl Gravenstede changed his name to Norman Gravenstede
  III Hilda Gravenstede married Herbert (Bert) Lewis
    A Freda Lewis married Alec McIntyre
      1 Alec McIntyre
      2 Margaret McIntyre married ?? Croucher
      3 Stuart McIntyre
      4 Douglas McIntyre
    B Olive Lewis married Ronald Roberts
      1 Christine Roberts married Andrew Wallach
    C John Lewis died in childhood
    D Ruby Lewis married Peter Munn
  IV Emma Gravenstede
  V Margaret Gravenstede
  VI Hazel Gravenstede
  VII James William Gravenstede married Emma McAlister [Return to top]
  A Robert Gravenstede married Annie Lena Butler (born 16 December 1916 died 7 November 2001, Torquay, Devon)
    1 Marion Elizabeth Gravenstede born 1940 married Norman John Swanson born 1936 [Return to top]
      a Adrian John Swanson married Katherine (Kate) Dowse
        i Laura Swanson
          ii Rebekah Swanson
        b Anthony Swanson married Catherine
        c Jane Elizabeth Swanson born 1970 married 1993 Anthony Richard Watkins (born 1964 son of John Peniel Watkins and Monica Jean Croker) [Return to top]
          i Charles Anthony Watkins 1997
          ii Oliver James Watkins 2000
          iii Philip John Watkins 2003
      2 Pauline Gravenstede married Thomas Haldane (son of James and Isobel? Haldane)
        a Carl Haldane died 1992
        b Claire Haldane married Mark Main
        c Erica Haldane
      3 Richard Gravenstede married 1. Isobel Strachan
        a Sarah Gravenstede
        b Jeremy Gravenstede married Lorna
        c Victoria Gravenstede
        married 2. Sheila ??
      4 Alastair Gravenstede married Hazel Palmer?
        a James Gravenstede
        b Ian Gravenstede
        c Edward Gravenstede
  VIII John Gravenstede married Sophie ??
    A Donald Gravenstede
      1 Nigel Gravenstede
2 Heinriech Gravenstede. Heinrich left Lübeck in the 1870s, journeyed through England and ended up in the USA where he became a citizen in 1877. It is not certain that Heinrich and Johannis are brothers. [Previous sibling] [Return to top]
  I George Gravenstede
  II Alexander Gravenstede
    A Nelson Gravenstede
      1 Thelma Gravenstede
      2 Nelson Gravenstede
        a Kenneth Gravenstede
        b Steven Gravenstede