Croker family tree

First a list of those family members who constitute my direct line (highlighted in the main tree). To help you navigate (well, to help me really!) I've linked to each of them from the brief list and have sprinkled links back to the top throughout the page. If you know of anything that links in with this tree or of any errors, please let me know! I've discovered that genealogy is best when it's a corporate exercise and people freely share their family history information. There are also links from here to other branches of my family tree.

John Croker (1833-1913) m. Elizabeth ??

Henry Croker (1859-1941) m. Bessie Redwood (?-1941)

Fred Croker (1896-1970) m. Lily Grace Stenner (1897-1992)

Monica Jean Croker (1929- ) m. John Peniel Watkins (1927-2001)

Tony Watkins (1964- ) m. Jane Elizabeth Swanson (1970- )

John Croker born 30 August 1833 died 8 June 1913 married Elizabeth (?) born 8 May 1835 died 8 November 1899. John Croker was a cabinet maker. [Return to top]
I John Croker (died on same day as wife in flu epidemic of 1917-1918?)
II William Croker
III Elizabeth Croker
IV James Croker
V Mary A Croker
VI Emma Croker
VII Walter Croker
VIII Eliza Croker
IX Edwin Croker
X Ernest Croker
XI Sydney Tom Croker
XII Henry Croker born 5 December 1859 died 2 April 1941 married on 27 October 1883 Bessie Redwood (died 2 April 1941) Bessie had serious heart problems and had a bed downstairs. During the war, a land mine landed and exploded nearby and knocked Henry over after which he declined quickly and died a few days later. Bessie died within three minutes of her husband. Henry Croker was a baker. [Return to top]
A Beatrice Bessie Croker born 2 June 1884 married Howard Francis Sealey
  1 Evelyn Sealey born 1918 married (1) John Tomlinson
    a Evelyn Tomlinson
      b David Farmer
      by Unknown Father:
      c Francis Sealey married Lois
      i Mark Sealey
        ii Tanya Sealey
    2 Raymond Sealey
    3 Ivor Sealey
    4 John Sealey
    5 Marge Sealey
    6 Phyllis Sealey
  B Edith Croker married Harold Moate
    1 ?? (boy died as a child)
    2 Philip Moate
  C Evelyn Croker married Cecil Millard
  D Florence Croker
  E Kathleen Croker married Walter Croker, a cousin
    1 Pamela Croker
    2 Betty Croker
  F Frederick John Croker born 12 June 1896 died 20 July 1970 married 1921 to Lily Grace Stenner (born 2 January 1897 died 4 May 1992, daughter of Walter Charles Stenner and Emma Jane Hamblin). Fred Croker was a baker having taken on his father's business. He got out shortly before it went bankrupt during the Depression. [Return to top]
    1 Walter Croker born 10 February 1922 married Mary Salter 1950 (born 8 September 1924?)
      a Isobel Croker 1951 married Frederick Ham
        i Verity Ham 1977, former member of RAF Band
        ii Rachel Ham 1980
      b Ruth Croker 1954 (twin of Mary) married Barry Andrews
        i Catrina Andrews 1975
        1 Lillie Andrews 2000
        ii James Andrews
        iii Deborah Andrews 1980
      c Mary Croker 1954 (twin of Ruth) married John Cross (died 1993)
        i Hannah Cross 1982
        ii Alison Cross 1985
      d Jonathan Croker born 1957 married Christine
        i Aidan Croker 1981
        ii Tracy Croker 1985
    2 Brian Croker born 30 April 1924 died ?? married Jean Drew (born 15 July 1927)
      a Lynn Croker born 1954 married Richard Iles
      b Anne Croker born 1955 married Andrew Broughton
        i Matthew Broughton 1989
        ii Abigail Broughton 1991 (twin of Eleanor)
        iii Eleanor Broughton 1991 (twin of Abigail)
    3 Kathleen Croker born 17 May 1926 died 30 October 2000 married 1 April 1955 Jack Cornish (born 26 November 1915? died 2 December 1988)
      a Peter Cornish born 1956 (twin of Angela) married Julie Ashman
        i Kayleigh Cornish 1986
        ii Adam Cornish 1992
      b Angela Cornish born 1956 (twin of Peter) married Jonathan Wills
        i Liam Wills 1993
        ii Andrew Wills 1988
      c Susan Cornish 1962
      d Andrew Cornish born August 1965 but sadly died after just three hours
      e Nigel Cornish 1968 (twin of Sarah)
      f Sarah Cornish 1968 (twin of Nigel)
    4 Monica Jean Croker born 9 April 1929 in Bridgewater married 9 January 1954 (at Fore Street Congregational Church, Bridgewater) John Peniel Watkins (born 5 November 1927 in Ross on Wye, died 11 October 2001 in Exmouth, son of Thomas Danzey Watkins and Alma Gertrude Cossey) [Return to top]
      a Carolyn Dawn Watkins born 1956 married 18 Jan 1975 (at Greenacres Congregational Church, Oldham) Cecil John Thomson (1953) divorced 1991
        i Ben Thomson 1983
        ii Hannah Thomson
      b Anthony Richard Simon Watkins born 1964 married 1993 (at Above Bar Church, Southampton) Jane Elizabeth Swanson (born 1970 daughter of Norman John Swanson and Marion Elizabeth Gravenstede). [Return to top]
        i Charles Anthony Watkins 1997
        ii Oliver James Watkins 2000
        iii Philip John Watkins 2003