Topics: culture

This is a brief list of some of the subjects in the area of culture on which Tony can speak or write. There are some suggestions of possible titles or more specific aspects of the subject for talks/events. This is not an exhaustive list; if you would like Tony to speak on something that’s not listed here, please contact him. For other subject areas, see the main Speaking page.

  • Contemporary Culture
  • Development of Western Culture
  • Postmodernism (Truth Decay / The Death of Truth / Christians and literary criticism / Derrida and the Loss of Absolutes / Foucault and the Crisis in Authority / Baudrillard and the Uncertainty of Reality / What is Real? How Do You Define Real?)
  • Pluralism and Relativism (Any Dream Will Do / Christianity is Narrow-minded and Arrogant / Why Christianity Can’t Be Served in the Spirituality Smorgasbord)
  • Christianity and Culture
  • Developing a Christian Mind

See also subjects listed under media and worldviews