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The CAST model of digital communication – Part 2

In the previous article, I began to introduce my CAST model of communication, and explained the first stage.In this article, I introduce the other three aspects of the model. 2. Audience The second aspect of the CAST model is the audience. The audience is the end of the process in one sense, but it

The CAST model of digital communication – Part 1: Concept

Previously, I introduced you to the concept of modes and multimodality. In this article, I want to develop these ideas to focus more explicitly on communicating through digital media. I am primarily thinking about this within the context of Christian mission and ministry, but these principles are no

A social semiotic theory of multimodal communication

  In the previous article, I considered the question ‘What is communication?’ In this article, I look at the roles of initiator and recipient in communication. Kress calls his communication theory a social semiotic theory of multimodal communication. It is a ‘social semiotic theory’ becaus

What is communication?

In part one of this series of articles, I looked at the meaning of the term ‘mode’ within communication theory. In this article, I introduce Gunther Kress's three fundamental assumptions about communication. We must consider an important question before we go any further: what is communication

Introducing Modes

In the first of a series of articles on digital communication theory, I introduce communication modes. This is based on lectures given at the Norwegian School of Theology, Oslo, and was first published on A mode of communication is a way of expressing meaning, through speaking, w

Media in a post-truth world – part 2

Why do people click so frequently on false stories? How do these lies spread so rapidly? It is certainly true that facts and non-facts circulate at a speed that would have been inconceivable before the Internet and social media. Most people do not have the means, or perhaps inclination, to fact chec

Media in a post-truth world – part 1

 This post was first published on Engaging Media, the website of the Lausanne Media Engagement Network. Oxford Dictionaries chose ‘post-truth’ as its Word of the Year for 2016. Editor Casper Grathwohl said, Fuelled by the rise of social media as a news source and a growing distrust of facts of

Seven stories we keep telling

Over the course of around twenty years of analysing films, books and other media, I have often been struck at the ways in which storytellers keep telling the same kinds of tales over and over again. That’s not to say that the narratives they construct are inevitably wearied or hackneyed; far from

Freedom Fighter: Amazing Grace

This is an old article of mine that was published on Culturewatch (which later became the Film & Bible Blog from Damaris) in 2007. I am gradually republishing many of my Culturewatch articles here, especially since the demise of Damaris Trust and its websites. What's prompted me to republish th