Spooked: Talking About the Supernatural‘I’ve never been someone who needed organised religion. But I’ve always been someone with a deep belief in a higher power.’ George Michael’s comments on the Parkinson show sum up what many people feel about the supernatural. Why is it that so many people today see life as being more than just what can be explained rationally, yet are resistant to the gospel? How can Christians engage with those who are happy to talk about spirituality, but less interested in talking about Jesus? Spooked: Talking About the Supernatural (Damaris, 2006) begins to address these issues by engaging with recent films, books and television programmes.


Introduction to the Talking About series by Tony Watkins

Introduction by Nick Pollard

1.Deliver Us From Evil – click here to read this sample chapter
by Nick Pollard

2. More Than Meets The Eye – A Biblical Perspective on the Supernatural
by Ian Hamlin

3. Entertaining Doubt – Derren Brown
by Mark Stafford

4. Scary, Scary Night – the films of M. Night Shyamalan
by Steve Couch

5. Putting Adult Ways Behind Us – children’s supernatural fiction
by Tony Watkins

6. Demons on Trial – The Exorcism of Emily Rose
by Rebecca Ward

7. Lost – study guide
by Emily Dalrymple

8. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (Susanna Clarke) – study guide
by Louise Crook

9. Chasing After the Wind – Logical Positivism and A.J. Ayer
by Peter S. Williams

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