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These links are to articles about Philip Pullman written by others. Many of the links are now dead as this page dates from about 2004. I’m leaving the links here as you may be able to find the articles via the Internet Archive. For my articles, click here.

General sites about Pullman and His Dark Materials

Random House pages on Philip Pullman

Bridge to the Stars – leading fansite – leading fansite

Philip Pullman in his own words: interviews and articles he’s written

Philip Pullman’s own website

Peter Chattaway’s extended email interview

Heat and Dust‘, Third Way, April 2002, pp. 22-26

Achuka interview

The Devil in Philip Pullman, Daily Telegraph, 30 November 2007

Identity Crisis‘ – on the religious hatred bill, first published in The Guardian, 19 November 2005

The Dark Side of Narnia‘, The Guardian, 1 October 1998

My Golden Compass sets a true course‘, The Sunday Times, 2 December 2007

Reviews, critiques and other articles

Beliefnet blogs about Philip Pullman, including contributions by myself, Donna Freitas, author of Killingthe Imposter God and others

Craig claims Golden Compass is not anti-Catholic‘, The Guardian, 28 November 2007

Golden Compass Author Pullman on Catholic League’s Claim That the Film is ‘Bait’ to Lure Children to His Novels

David Byers, ‘Catholic boycotters are “nitwits”‘, The Times, 27 November 2007

Ciar Byrne, ‘The Church vs the cinema: Philip Pullman’s blasphemous materials?‘, The Independent, 28 November 2007

Peter T. Chattaway, ‘The Chronicles of Atheism‘, Christianity Today, December 2007

Helena de Bertodano, ‘I am of the Devil’s party‘, Daily Telegraph, 29 January 2002

Donna Freitas, ‘Reluctant Theologian‘, Newseek, 24 November 2007

Donna Freitas, ‘God in the dust – The Boston GlobeBoston Globe, 25 November 2007

Lev Grossman, ‘Sympathy for the Devil‘, Time, 29 NOvember 2007

Julian Joyce, ‘Golden Compass author hits back‘, BBC News 29 November 2007

Maev Kennedy, ‘He is one of the greatest storytellers of all time, and he’s here among us, writing now. It’s just thrilling to be around‘, The Guardian, 30 November 2007

Melanie McDonagh, ‘What all directors pray for‘, The Times, 28 November 2007

Laura Miller, ‘Far From Narnia‘, The New Yorker, 26 December 2005

1. Michael Nelson, ‘For the Love of Narnia‘, Chronicle of Higher Education, 12 May 2005

Jeffrey Overstreet, The Golden Compass: Questions I’ve been asked, answers I’ve given

Hanna Rosin, ‘How Hollywood Saved God’, Atlantic Monthly, December 2007

Vanessa Thorpe, ‘Religion row hits Pullman epic‘, The Observer, 14 October 2007

Jennifer Vineyard, ‘Golden Compass Angering Christian Groups‘, MTV News, November 2007.

Jennifer Vineyard, ‘His Dark Materials Writer Starts Fantasy-Book Beef‘, MTV News, November 1, 2007